FAQ - DIY NFP Governance Training Kit

A. As part of our partnership agreement with NFP Success, NFP Success will provide coaching and assistance to the person responsible for delivering the training. This is normally an extensive walk through prior to your first training and post training follow up. We also provide updates to materials as Governance Standards and Principles change or when needed to make our program even more effective.

A. Everything you need to run your own training program:

  • Trainers Session Plan
  • PowerPoint/Guiding Slides (two versions – with and without notes)
  • Attendee Workbook
  • Participant workbooks and exercises
  • Recommended Video Clips
  • Coaching and Support to assist in the delivery of this training

A. Yes. However, we strongly recommend careful and modest customisation to avoid drifting away from the magic that makes this program so effective.

A. Ideally your Trainer should have group facilitation or training experience and be confident in the subject matter by having board or committee membership experience.

A. Yes. After you purchase this product, we can work with you to suggest how best to achieve that.

A. This program has been delivered “in the room” and “in the zoom”. Both models have achieved the course learning goals. When you deliver the training on-line, we do recommend splitting it into two separate sessions as on-line programs work best when less than two hours duration.

A. We have a similar but specific package designed for Aboriginal Corporations for exactly the same price.

A. Yes. This is a good way to obtain proficiency. We will work with you to ensure it is within your budget.

A. Best to contact Amanda on Amanda.Smith@nfptemplates.com.au  or (02) 9659 2602.