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NFP Templates provides a range of Build-Your-Own (BYO) and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) templates and training kits which will substantially reduce your time and potentially external consultancy costs for your organisation.

The less time and money you spend on keeping on top of administration costs, the more resources you can dedicate to fulfilling your purpose and achieving your vision.

All products are developed by people with significant Senior Management and Board Membership experience in the Not-For-Profit and Community Sector. People with real skin in the game. Additionally each product has been tested and proven to be effective and save time and money.

NFP Templates constantly reviews our products and sends updates to purchasers for no additional charge for a stated period. And free coaching and support is available to purchasers continually during this period to ensure purchasers can use the properly effectively.

NFP Templates is excited to have partnered with NFP Success, Australia’s largest independent totally dedicated Not-For-Profit and Community Sector consultancy.

Born out of the unprecedented COVID-19 changes to the way we do things, our Do-It-Yourself training packages offer a new approach to training.

Our DIY Training packages can be customised to your needs and provide you the opportunity to offer training to your enterprise. NFP Template’s DIY Training means you choose the time and place to train your people. 

DIY Training allows you to avoid the burden of paying hefty consultancy costs to an external trainer. And, you have the assurance that these training courses have proven learning capability. They have been successfully delivered many times by NFP Success to thousands of NFP Sector Board Members, Managers, Staff and Volunteers.

Our range of DIY training packages include:

3 Hour Programs

Governance and Board Effectiveness

Recruitment & Selection Skills

1.5 Hour Lunch and Learn

Handling Difficult Situations and Conversations 

Thinking Innovation

Our DIY Training Courses are specifically designed for Australian Not-for-Profit and Community Sectors.

Your Guarantee of success

Every DIY Training course comes with our Train The Trainer online coaching sessions. NFP Templates are here to ensure you succeed with DIY Training.

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