DIY NFP Board Training for Non-Profits - Governance and Efficiency

$1,200.00 + GST

NFP Templates offers Do-It-Yourself Board training for non profits. The DIY NFP Governance and Effectiveness Training for Board Members Kit saves your organisation time and money while giving you the flexibility to train your Board members when and where you wish… and as often as you need to. Conduct your own training for existing and incoming board members without engaging expensive consultants. Specifically designed for the Australian NFP Sector, this short, punchy and entertaining three-hour training program has now been delivered to more than 10,000 not-for-profit Committee and Board Members.

Board training for non profits has to be adaptable to the challenges that board members face. You hope the entire board is available for governance training, but life gets in the way and you have to train someone who could not make it. Boards also change members from time to time in non-profits. The DIY NFP Governance and Effectiveness Training for Board Members Kit is your opportunity to take control. NFP Templates teaches your trainer how to deliver the material via an online one on one session. This is included in the cost of the kit. We also offer support and upgrades for the kit for two years after you purchase it. Of course, you can continue to deliver the course after the two years has passed.


DIY NFP Governance training for Board Members Kit Flyer
DIY NFP Governance training for Board Members Kit Flyer

DIY Governance Training for Board Members Kit Information Sheet


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Download our DIY NFP Governance Training for Board Members Kit Information Sheet (PDF)


Our DIY Training programs include online coaching and two years of support!

Why choose NFP Templates training

  • Product has a proven track record in NFP enterprises.
  • Developed for Board Training for Non Profits.
  • You control when, where and how often you deliver this training.
  • We support your trainer with excellent resources and an online introduction to the training material.
  • Support from real people, a phone call away.

How we developed DIY Governance and Effectiveness Training for Board Members

NFP Success is the leading provider of affordable and practical consultancy services to the Non Profit and Community Sectors and has now delivered Governance training to more than 10,000 Board and Committee Members. This experience has allowed NFP Success to develop a very effective Governance Training program that runs for a little over three hours. Short, sharp and effective.

NFP Templates has worked closely with NFP Success to develop a full DIY NFP Governance for Board Members Training Kit containing guidance, direction, coaching and assistance on how to run your governance training for your Board or Committee using our course materials.

Governance Board Training for Non Profits - Testimonials

"I believe that everyone on a board or committee should do this course as a prerequisite for joining."

Gabrielle East (WA)

"Now looking at our committees from a different angle, namely looking at ourselves and our effectiveness."

Samara Grumberg (Qld)

"It was a thought-provoking and challenging exercise... but will have some great long-term outcomes for the organisation."

Stefan Lamour-Jansson, EO Girls and Boys Brigade (NSW)

"They were not just theoretical examples but backed by the outcomes achieved. A fantastic workshop."

Winnie, VP Bowen Street Community Centre (Vic)

"Our President came away with information that will change the organisation's culture."

Kevin Parkinson, Huon Valley PCYC (Tas)

"It was a great session with so much knowledge to bring back to the Board."

Mai Cee, SPK Housing Cairns (Qld)


Q. Can I use a single kit for the two NFP Sector committees I am on?
A. Sure.

Q. What type of support is available after purchase?
A. NFP Success will provide personal coaching and assistance to the person responsible for delivering the training. This is usually an extensive walkthrough before your first training session, and post-training follow up. NFP Templates also provides updates to materials as Governance Standards and Principles change, or when needed to make our program even more useful.

Q. What is in the DIY Training Kit?
A. Everything you need to run your training program, including:

  • Trainers Session Plan
  • PowerPoint/Guiding Slides (two versions – with or without notes )
  • Attendee Workbook
  • Attendee Exercises
  • Recommended Video Clips

Q. Can I customise the program to our needs?
A. Yes, however, we recommend careful customisation so that the magic that makes this product so effective is not lost.

Q. Once we purchase who do you recommend should facilitate the training?
A. Your Trainer should have Group Facilitation or Training experience and confidence in the subject matter through Board or Committee Membership.

Q. Our Committee likes shorter sessions, can it be split into shorter sessions?
A. Yes after purchasing we can work with you to suggest to you how best to achieve that.

Q. Can the program be delivered online?
A. The program has been delivered “ in the room” and “ in the zoom ” sessions, with both models achieving learning goals.

Q. We are an Aboriginal Corporation will it suit our corporation?
A. We have a similar but specific package designed for Aboriginal Corporations for the same price.

Q. We would like to purchase but lack the confidence to run it yourself first up. Can you provide a trainer on the first occasion and at what cost?
A. Yes – this is an excellent way to obtain proficiency. It costs an additional $1200 + GST for us to deliver the training.